segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2009

Introducing... Réalisme Magique *

On a sunny Sunday afternoon

Spotting the secret pet name she had for him on the caller ID of her cell phone on a sunny Sunday afternoon seemed extremely unlikely. Excited like a child at the surprising ring, she gladly answered, filled with internal satisfaction. Sunday night would reveal he had only called because his wife wasn't home. Worse even, she thought, he was just doing what he always does: he wanted to talk about him. The absence of his wife just allowed him an extra freedom in doing so, the freedom of not being interrupted by mundane and unimportant domestic affairs. Even more fundamental than that, the absence of his wife meant no eavesdropping.
But she had to cut the conversation short. If it wasn't for that, he would have talked about himself (and she would have listened) for hours -- or at least one good hour, until his battery died or his ear started to burn, whichever came first.
He had found in her the perfect lover, one he wouldn't have to satisfy. One fresh, vibrant, pure, unexperienced and avid young lover, to whom he was an entire island to be discovered.

Cartoon: Brad J. Guigar

* Réalisme magique, in the case of this label or tag, refers to the context from which these writings, scribbles and notes came to be. It is not, in any way, an attempt into the genre, but rather (and simply) a wordplay.

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