segunda-feira, 27 de maio de 2013

Oh, the people balance

No, no, I haven't given up. It's just that I need more quality people in my life OR less trashy people. Either way it goes, it will promote a much needed balance, and I don't think I can go one tiny inch further without it.

Hard truth: nothing in life is achieved ALONE. That is an illusion. Unless, of course, you live on an island. I, most unfortunately, don't.

Pardon the english. I'll try to switch back to portuguese next time.

Diet secret: balance people in your life.

Without that, the emotional balance is compromised. Without emotional balance, the optimum health plate just goes to hell in favor of sugar, flour and all the comfort foods in the world. Emotional eating will always win.

As a side note, I'll say that's probably one of the few reasons why getting yourself locked in a spa can work wonders: you surround yourself with a variety of all the right people and get rid of all the bad fvcking mind fvckers.

Don't tell me you're unaffected by mind fvckers when you're subject to them on a daily basis. That is just not humanly possible. Or maybe you are an impenetrable emotional fortress with 100% efficacy! In which case, well, I guess I just basically hate you. But no offense. :)