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Retrô 2011

Eu sempre dou uma olhadinha nesses forecasts astrológicos de início de ano. Curiosity gets the best of me every time. Mas sempre leio no começo do ano e fica por isso mesmo, depois esqueço.

Esse ano, resolvi não esquecer e fui buscar no Google meu forecast pra 2011. Queria era fazer um check list. Mas é tudo tão abstrato e genérico, que nem dá. De toda forma, leitura curiosa. rs

Já peguei também o forecast pra 2012, já li. E, no final do ano, pretendo recuperá-lo também -- se eu me lembrar. Vai ser bom, vai ser ruim? Je sais pas. É certo que o novo ano reserva mais um monte de lições.

Mas eu quero (poder) começar a colher em 2012. Colher um pouco os frutos do que eu comecei a plantar seis meses atrás. Ninguém pode viver só de lições. Uma hora, a gente tem que largar os livros, a mão da professora e meter as caras, colocar toda a teoria à prova.

Adeus, ano velho. Eu não direi "já vai tarde" dessa vez. Sigo em frente, com um "muito obrigada".

2011 Yearly Horoscope for Libra


Oh the lessons you have endured over the course of 2010. You're not the same people-pleasing darling you were a mere 12 months ago. On the contrary darling -- you are in the midst of a powerful process of cultivating the kind of backbone that makes greatness. Thanks to big daddy Saturn you're learning your lessons well in relinquishing laziness, strengthening discipline, and realizing your authority. You're taking yourself more seriously in the arenas where it matters most. (Read: career and getting paid what you're worth.)

Relationships bring plenty of passion, drama and unexpected plot twists especially during the spring. By the time May rolls around you'll be dealing with an unprecedented amount of planetary energy firing up your relationship sector. With six planets including Venus, your ruler and Jupiter, the planet of abundance lining up in your partnership sector you'll be anything but lonely. The challenge lies in staying true to your own needs without getting lost in the persuasive me-me-me demands of your significant others.

Although some of Saturn's lessons will weigh in on a heavier note and perhaps depriving you of any former easy-outs or shortcuts, you have the uncanny ability to take it all in stride. There's something to be said for the inherent Libran laid-back approach to life's challenges. But under current planetary duress you may join the ranks of the stressful millions in your quest for regaining inner peace and unshakable equilibrium. Forever striving for that elusive balance, you're being put through the cosmic ringer when it comes to finding and holding your own with others. But you will get there Libra -- just you wait and see!


Co-dependency be damned, Libra! You've had your fill of accommodating every wish, desire and need of your mate to your own detriment. You're also finished with sugarcoating the truth and resorting to passive-aggressive tactics to get your needs met. For a sign that prefers balance, such extreme give and no take throws your scales way off kilter. The imbalance can no longer be ignored or justified. The rules of the game have changed and you've learned to just say no. Saturn has been working hard on rebalancing the karmic scales and forcing you to draw some serious lines in order to regain important equilibrium in your partnerships. Relationships continue to be a major priority this year Libra, but topping this list is the relationship you have with number one. Falling in love with yourself and being true to your needs is no longer a luxury but a dire necessity.

You've survived enough painful romantic disillusionments to last you a lifetime during Neptune's spell in your romantic sector over the past fourteen years (*). Of course falling in love certainly has it's high points but the crash after the reality check gets to be too much after enough heart-break repeats. The good news is that Neptune leaves your romantic sector for good allowing you to once again trust your perceptions when choosing your match. Love is especially in the air when Venus enters Libra in late September and early October, just in time to guarantee a wonderfully amorous birthday season.


You're still revamping your true vocational calling by cutting out all of the extraneous little side-jobs that once ate up so much of your precious time. The final days of the North Node in your career sector at the start of 2011 give you one last prodding to determine your own true north. No longer can you beg the question. Fence sitting in all aspects of your life is quickly becoming an extinct option, especially when it comes to your work. By nature you're indecisive but 2011 is the year for commitment. Put your doubts aside and just get on with what you do best: bringing more beauty and harmony to everything you touch. At the end of the day, you're an artist -- and that's that.

Although you may still be saddled with your fair share of responsibilities, you're finally able to see the forest through the trees and get a grip on the bigger career picture. You prefer any work that involves socializing, utilizing your creative and intellectual talents and of course flirting your heart out. This is why sitting behind an isolated desk doing menial tasks will just never rock your world. You're finally coming to terms with saying no to anything you consider a giant waste of your time, and you can thank Saturn for that. Adding to the planetary support to align work with soul, Neptune, the planet of glamour and dreams enters your work sector this April through August. It shall then again return in 2012 to stay for an extended 14-year ride, making sure that you absolutely adore what you do. This is a wonderful opportunity to find meaning and inspiration in your work.

(*) Essa conta de 14 anos é absolutamente exata. o_O Coincidência ou não, simplesmente é.

Fonte: astrology.com

Fatos significativos de 2011

  • larguei a faculdade -- precisei abrir mão pra conseguir voltar a um ritmo de trabalho sem o luxo de "faço as minhas horas" 
  • trabalhei 6 ou 7 dias por semana, quase sempre das 8h às 20h, mínimo 
  • esqueci R. e dei R. por perdido -- chorei o suficiente pra conseguir ligar o "foda-se" com toda a tranquilidade 
  • R. deu sinal de vida por email dias atrás e eu atribuí ao espírito natalino -- took every word with a huge grain of salt e me senti estranhamente ótima 
  • realizei o poder do dinheiro e das aparências -- got scared and nauseated at first, but I'm learning to dance that dance, too 
  • realizei que a música do mundo é essa mesmo -- em casa e diante de poucos é que a gente pode virar o disco 
  • descobri que o valor do meu trabalho não é mais o que era dez anos atrás -- pity, porque eu acho que antes era muito melhor
  • descobri que quem tem que imprimir valor SOU EU MESMA -- agora, sem apoio
  • falhei na balança -- usei a comida como conforto, de verdade 
  • mas também realizei minha FORÇA -- uma coisa de cada vez 

And that's what counts. The most. ;)

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